If you are not from South Louisiana, then you probably won’t understand our love of Mardi Gras. It is a season that we ALL take part in. From schools to business to family and individuals. WE ALL LOVE A GOOD TIME! So, tag along as we share our carnival favorites and how we are celebrating Mardi Gras here in the big apple!

First things first. It all starts with King Cake. Growing up in Louisiana we always knew it was Carnival season when the king cakes started rolling out. They would be stacked high and would be the first thing you saw when you walked into the grocery. But our family has stood by Gambino’s Bakery as our family brand, from our wedding cake to birthdays, we love them! They are kinda are fav 🙂

This year we had the double cream cheese, my GAWD is it good?! HELL YES!

When you get your cake, it will come box and undecorated, which we found not only efficient but an activity for the whole family. My NYC born and raised hubby even jumped in on the fun. The box will include everything you need to fully dress your cake; icing, sprinkles and a plastic baby baked inside! My son had a blast decorating and dancing to the second line! BA BA BA. BA.. DA DA DADA…

Excuse me a moment while I take a bite of my second slice. Yeah, so much for new year’s resolutions- it’s king cake season. AM I RIGHT LADIES?! Now in our family king cake is not just dessert but breakfast too! Hear that sound? Yes, that is me winning the world’s best mom award!!! Ha Ok. Okay… I’m sure I am getting the eye roll right now (mom judging is so not cool). So don’t judge it’s only here once a year so live a little why doncha! 😉

Want to see how we had our own parade here in the city? Check out a previous post. And of course, I am sharing our printable mini king cake recipe below.

You can win a king cake of your own! To enter visit and leave a comment below of your favorite king cake flavor. Let the good times roll! Winner selected 2/24/2017.

I did receive a free king cake from Gambino’s Bakery, however, all opinions are completely my own.


  1. Monica says:

    I remember your colorful Mardi Gras post from last year and I adore how you keep the tradition so alive with your son! I’d love that amazing looking cake to celebrate with my kiddos and neighbors here in Queens!

  2. Stephanie says:

    haha love how you love king cake every year! I need to try a REAL one – but the donuts are pretty good. just saying haha.

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