A Christmas Tradition

It’s the holidays and there is no better place to be than NYC! With magical window displays to holiday sculptures on display throughout the city, you just can’t escape the beauty of the holiday season. I think once you begin to experience the holiday season through the eyes of a child you begin to feel the magic all over again! This is the first year where our little one actually understands Christmas and Santa, so we did our best to make it as exciting as possible before some little sh**y kids spoil it for him. So… follow below as we share our favorite holiday activities in NYC!

Rocketts** A must do. My husband remembers going as a young boy and wanted to share this memory with our son.  I would recommend for ages 4+. I would recommend getting to the show 1 hour early to have time to make the line and get your goodies and seats in time. My only negative comment on the show was they allow people to enter the show later and it’s very distracting. So if you do attend please don’t be that ass who shoes up late… be on TIME!

After the show we picked up street food and saw the BIG tree. Definitely a Christmas tradition for us!

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