Fall in the city- apple picking 🍎- Fishkills Farm

I have always dreamed of REAL fall days. Growing up in the south we did not have four seasons. Our seasons consisted of hot, hotter and lots of humidity. Now that we are in the North East we are able to experience all. This year we decided to do take part in the fall festivities; apple picking, warm cider and of course hay rides!
We headed a short car ride upstate to Fishkill’s farm with family in tow. I would recommend getting their early in the morning- to be sure to get the most out of your time.

When you arrive you given the choice of three bag sizes to fill. You do not need to pay for the bags until you leave the farm. Payment per person over the age of 12 is required at the time of entry. You can also purchase a season pass (which we would love to do if we lived closer). The attendant will hand you a map and you are on your way!
The map points out the different apply types along with what is in season.

We headed through the orchards taking in the surroundings and crisp air! Don’t forget you can sample the apples too, within reason. Once you filled your bag, you can either pay at the market or once you leave. We selected the large bag and our bag was not filled completely, so we paid per pound- rather than per bag size. This ended up being less expensive on our end. I would recommend taking advantage of the hay rides which take you from orchard to orchard. Although, we had fun exploring the farm on foot.

Once we finished picking we headed to the market and snagged a few apple donuts and warm cider. Both the plain and sugared were amazing! The market was nice, but it was a little too crowded and hard to navigate through. We grabbed a table in the back listed to the live music, tasted hard cider and let the little ones play and see the live chickens.

They also have fresh veggies and herbs you can pick and pay per pound. It was a beautiful day. I would go back again and again! Be sure to plan ahead with the weather and go early in the season.
Happy Fall Y’all!

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