Four tips for flying with a 4 year old

Here are a few tips for flying with a 4 year old.

  • First things first, when booking your tickets find out if you can select your seats from the get. I know when flying with JetBlue you are able to select seats regardless of flying economy or extra leg room. Now with another airline we recently flew with (Delta) we were not able to select the seats when flying economy. I was able to call after booking for the seats to be blocked off. Keep in mind when the Delta blocks off seats for families they block off the VERY LAST row in the plane. These seats DO NOT RECLINE. So be prepared to sit straight up for your entire flight.

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  • Next, thing bring a tablet and a extra long charger if you can. Find out if your plane has wifi capabilities, some do and some you have to buy. When buying a wifi pass, be sure to find out of you are able to stream videos through Netflix etc. We purchased a wifi pass and I found out after while setting up our device that you are unable to stream. WTH. Yep. Now if your plane has TV’s then you are at least in luck! Don’t forget the headphones! IMG_6005
  • BRING snacks! Now of course you know you are not able to bring liquid. But chips, candy or crackers, BRING IT! A bag of Lays chips cost $3.50! And some airlines don’t give unlimited snacks or any.
  • Lastly, we always pack a small blanket and put him in comfy PJ’s. If your little one is not potty trained for sleeping you may want to have he or she wear a pull up.
If I had to recommend a airline to fly with kids I would hands down say JETBLUE all the way!
I have not been compensated in any way by any airline. These opinions are my own from personal experience 

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