Chores for 4’s!

Nothing is worst than cleaning the house while your little one goes behind you making a mess. So I’ve learned keep him busy by including him.
At his age he knows how to pick up his toys, separate laundry colors and help pull out some of the plastics from the dishwasher with help.
On laundry days I give him a task of separating the laundry by colors, light and dark. This has become his chore and he enjoys it too! While he is separating we talk through the different colors and I reward him with a few coins for his piggy bank and he is beyond ecstatic!
Every couple of weeks we pull out some change from his piggy bank and take him to go get his favorite Yokai Metals! He has become more mindful and appreciates the toys he buys.  IMG_3973
I remember my mother doing this same task as a child and it taught responsibility and included me in the family cleaning day. Although I was not a fan of chores the older I got, I know as a parent how important it is to teach them at young age.

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