Easy Yellow Squash Tots & Cheese Egg Bites – Kidfresh

We have been a fan of Kidfresh products for about two years now. I came across their veggie mac and cheese, Wagon Wheels Mac+Cheese, which my son adored! My husband and I have a rule of thumb of always trying new foods first before letting our little one try it. We both knew Kidfresh was truly fresh and definitely has your little ones  tummy and nutrition in mind!

When I heard they were making a “healthier” Tater Tot- Totally Rockin’ Tots – Yukon Gold + Yellow Squash I was thrilled! 548X405_V3_01

So I took it to another level and added it to breakfast! Check out my recipe below.

It is a simple recipe and can be adapted to anyone’s liking. I used a standard 6 muffin pan, sprayed with non stick spray. I used 3 tots (thawed) per cup – which I flattened down. Then, I scrambled 5 eggs with cheese and filled almost to the top. Baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. This made 6 breakfast muffins. The fun thing about this recipe is you can make it your own- change it up by adding spinach, onions or even bacon!


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