I am OK with NOT being a Pinterest perfect mom

After four years of life as a mom and 6 years married I have just come to terms that I am ok with not being a pinterest perfect mom.

When I became a mom, I had no idea of the judgement I was about to take on- by other moms. Shocker right?! Moms can be so quick to judge others. We do what we can and the point is we “do” for our kids. So what’s the point of making ourselves jump through hoops to put on this big show? Is it really for the kids or is it really to make us feel like a better mom than the other?

I am not a perfect parent. But I give all I can and fail sometimes and that  IS OK! I have to admit I tried my hardest to be this pinterest perfect mom. I try to do fun quirky valentines. Not because I want to be better than the other mom. I do this because it’s fun. I am not saying that by trying to create the cutest party is being a judgy mom or better than the other. I just think moms have this extra pressure to be pinterest perfect and we don’t need to…

I am ok with not being a pinterest perfect mom.

I wanted to create the perfect first birthday party. I spent hours searching pinterest for ideas and in the end it was perfect for us. Yes, my burlap bunting that I spent hours cutting and stenciling didn’t hang the way I wanted- the wind quickly snatched it down. But the party went on and the pictures show two parents glowing with excitement and a beautiful family of three.


For my son’s second birthday my cake was far from pinterest perfect. My bake-ware was  in storage and I used what we could find…  the cake literally was falling apart as I was icing it.  I was devastated. This cake was a DISASTER.  It was the night before his birthday, at least 1 am, my husband and I were in the kitchen laughing and me crying a little… at this mess.  But in the midst of it all my I remembered a beautiful cake I saw on pinterest. I am sure most of you have seen it pop up a time or two. The sprinkle cake. I grabbed all the sprinkles I could find and slapped them on and my husband ran down to the bodega to get more. We tried to salvage this awful cake with sprinkles. Sure it was colorful! The sprinkles covered the gaping hole on the side but goodness me how would this cake taste…. I cringed when I saw the kids take a bit. All I heard was CRUNCH. It was not a tasty cake. It made for a beautiful picture. But the cake was no good. Pinterest FAIL.

This year I tried again to have a pinterest perfect party. I had cute little names for the food and set up everything at home as if it was on the table at the venue. Just making sure EVERYTHING was pinterest perfect… I made adorable party favors…

IMG_1041 IMG_1012 IMG_1038

But when the day came around we could not get into the parking gate, I was setting up the room as our guest were arriving and half of the things I originally planned for I tossed back into my tote bags and the party began. It didn’t matter my adorable washi tape cups for the fish and chips were not out. No one missed out on the little details I didn’t put out… and neither did I. I turned around and saw my four year old with a smile ear to ear and enjoying his birthday party with friends and family. It was a perfect real mom birthday!






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