Might Twenty- Where do our baby teeth go

We live in a technology driven world. From our iphones to our children’s tablets– sometimes it is hard to disconnect. I am guilty of letting my son watch one short show in bed here and there, but my husband and I like to read to him as often as we can. Spence has a vivid imagination and adores books and stories.  Most of the time if he asks for his tablet when we get in the bed (we are co-sleepers-yes… I know he is three) and if I offer a book he is content. He is especially excited when we have a new book to read.

This week our bed time routine started and finished with our new book by Mighty Twenty, Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go? This is a fun, bright and colorful book. It is filled with stories from around the world and super fun facts, like…

Did you know the first baby tooth to fall out is the first one that came?

My son may only be three and most likely not loosing his baby teeth any time soon, but it’s never to early to look outside of what we see as our norm and learn about others. This book is great way to learn about other cultures, their traditions and their personal tooth stories. One of my favorite tooth traditions may be Brazil- Sometimes they call on their favorite parrot to take their baby teeth to Saint John.

This book is a super fun easy read! I would recommend for ages 3 and up. This book is so much more than just tooth stories, it is educational. My toddlers attention was fully obtained with the colorful graphics. It even has a page to keep track of all the teeth your child looses and your their personal tooth story!

What tooth traditions does your family have?






I was not compensated for this post, however, I was given this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are completely my own.

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