My little love

Three years ago we were bringing home our precious little boy. I remember getting home and my husband and I just sat on the sofa and we couldn’t take our eyes off of him. He was perfect.
That day was one of the most exciting yet scariest days. All I could do was look at this tiny little human I carried for nine months terrified that I would not know what to to. I have a number of nieces and much younger siblings, I knew what to do. It was just the normal fear of failure. I am not going to lie the first few weeks were difficult- but I eventually got into the hang of things. My mommy instincts kicked in and my husband was beyond what I could have imagined for the father of my child. He kept me sane through my postpartum mess.And I was a MESS. He can attest to my many meltdowns, one in which I cried hysterically over paper towels. Yes. Paper towels. Ha.

But together we pushed through and walked this amazing journey called parenthood for the last three years. We have made mistakes but we have learned. Parenting is one one of the most difficult roles I believe one can play. And is it THE most rewarding job. We have laughed, cried, felt lost, and rejoiced. We celebrate every small or large milestone and learn from every challenge. At the end of the day those tiny little fishy kisses make all the hard days worth it.

From first words to first steps -Watching him grow and develop into this precious little boy has been a privilege. He is mischievous, busy and most of all genuinely sweet. I adore that precious little face, big laugh and tiny little voice.
Spencer you continuously melt my heart. Never loose your sweetness and big caring companionate heart. Like Mommie and Daddy says “you can be anything you want to be”. Dream big and seek your dreams.
You are my favorite. I love you always, always.

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