Terrible two’s to trying…

I never really put much thought into the saying “terrible twos.” It always seemed more like a joke to label toddler behavior. I can tell you, this little one definitely lived up to the phrase.
We like to refer to him as our TWOnager.

Terrible twos have brought meltdowns, tantrums, sass and more- driving me to put myself in timeout 😉 (#mommiestimeout). Don’t judge until you have lived through this phase. Ha. Rest assure it’s ONLY a phase. I think the real reason behind “terrible twos” is communication. For my son this has proved to be the reason behind fussy behavior. He has always been months ahead of his milestones and age but when it came to communicating verbally he needed a little more time. As a first time mom I of course panicked…. But low and behold a few weeks later he began pronouncing his words better and speaking in almost complete sentences. He is right on track and thankfully excelling with his communication skills – so to the bi**hy speech therapist who called my son unintelligent, take that!

We are slowing transitioning from terrible twos to the trying threes. I must tell you I am absolutely loving this age. He is communicating well, and really able to express himself. His personality is funny, caring and mindful of those around him. Oh and he is a little prankster for sure!

But what I love most is his innocence. Like when he found my lingerie and ran around the house acting like a monster. Ha – He will probably hate me for this photo one day. Seriously. It was too funny. Just pure innocence. This age is going to be FUN!
Of course he definitely one to “try” or test your nerves. He knows right from wrong but sometimes “try’s” us. So bring it on my little soon to be THREEnager!


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