King Cake Donut- #familygrasMommiede

It’s mardi gras season down in the boot and well… some of the festivities may not be “family friendly”…. But I do have a one of the tastiest traditions and adapted it making it accessible to anyone regardless where you may be.

This tasty treat is called the KING CAKE. It’s a decadent cinnamon cake usually filled with a delicious filling (my favorite-cream cheese). Topped with the colors of royalty- purple, gold and green and a plastic baby. Tradition says one who find the baby in their serving will have “good luck” or has to buy the next one. Ha.

photo (21)

Last year in nyc I wanted my little one to have his own mini king cake to decorate so we opted for a donut and he had at it! It’s been a tradition ever since.

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photo (20)


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Here is the our toddler friendly mardi gras last year complete with a mini parade!


Don’t forget to decorate your own and share with us #familygrasmommiede


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      Thanks love! He had a ton of fun! I may have snuck in a bite or two when he was not looking. 😉 #whatdiet lol

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