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What is it with boys and bugs? I have no idea where this obsession came about. Maybe it was something he saw in one of his shows or movies, but he is TERRIFIED of bugs. Anything that resembles a bug he screams “BUGGGGGDD” and runs. I have to admit it is pretty freaking cute! But it doesn’t just stop with the scream and running. He will make you come look at the bug saying “show, show”. So my husband and I take turns going see the “buggdd” reassuring him that “no son it is not a bug, everything is ok”. Then, this little one will go and get HIS dust pan and broom to clean up the so called bug. Yes, he has his OWN hand broom and dust pan. My kid LOVES to clean (hopefully it last through the teenage years). We took a trip to target not long ago and I told him he could have one item from the dollar section and of course he would pick the broom and dust pan set. Gosh I love him more and more!

Does your kids like to clean?


    • elizabeth.mommiede@gmail.com says:

      I am terrified of spiders too! Probably not as much as my hubby (shhh… don’t tell him I told you lol)

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