Toddler friendly Mardi Gras!

As a native Louisianan, Mardi Gras is part of our culture, a special time of year that MUST be celebrated. It’s not just about the drinking and Bourbon Street, but weeks of family parties, get together, parades and FOOD! Living in NYC, unfortunately my son will not have the opportunity to experience all of the aspect of Mardi Gras. However, I plan to show my tot a little toddler friendly Mardi Gras fun!

It would not be Mardi Gras without a PARADE now would it? Growing up each year in school we would create our own personal floats out of shoe boxes. So I thought since we can’t go to a parade we will make our own, and we did exactly that. DSC033812-side


Here is what you need: (you can add or take away from this list, as it is just a guideline. Get creative) DSC033642-supply

  • shoe box
  • markers/ crayons
  • glue
  • beads
  • doubloons
  • ribbon
  • feathers
  • construction paper
  • any other decoration you may want to add

Although, my son may be a little small for gluing I let him show me exactly where he wanted the decorations to go. That is the fun part about it, this is YOUR float. Get creative! You can add as many decorations as you want to your float. After all our crafting we took it for a spin around the city streets. If you have multiple children you can have a big parade or even get your neighbors to join it!



Everyone knows a party has a cake, and our party is having a KING CAKE! Well… Mini King Cakes. We decided to make mini king cakes using glazed donuts with cream cheese frosting. My toddler had a blast creating his own king cake.


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Here is what you need:

  • donuts (or any donut of choice is fine)
  • frosting (or any white frosting of your choice)
  • purple, green, and yellow sprinkles
  • plastic king cake baby (if age appropriate, my son is a little small for this step so we skipped it this year)

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Now my husband and I like a REAL king cake and of course I have to show my son what this glorious cake is all about so we went to the BEST Gambino’s Bakery in New Orleans! They ship anywhere in the US with over a dozen flavors from cream cheese (my favorite) to pecan praline, and single to double stuffed. It is absolute heaven! They also offer a variety of packages which include mardi gras beads, doubloons, king cake history etc… Oh and don’t forget about the gold baby inside (which we have yet to find). Tradition says the person who finds it must buy the next king cake, I plan on making sure the hubby gets it. ha! It is a great way to complete any Mardi Gras party! I enjoyed  bringing a little of the “big easy” to the “big city”! DSC033902

If you plan on having a family friendly Mardi Gras party I would love to see how you celebrated Mardi Gras with your family.  Share your photos with me on facebook or tweet me @MommieNYC.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    This is so cute!!! I think we should all have a parade party next year and make them together! Maximo would LOVE it and we’ve never celebrated Mardi Gras!

    • says:

      Thanks Desitny! I remember making the donut king cakes in elementary and it was so much fun. Little man had more fun eating the icing. haha

  2. Dominique says:

    I didn’t ever celebrate before kids, but my son had a pirate themed birthday and LOVED the beaded necklaces he got as part of his “treasure” so we figured we need to do Mardi Gras since he loves those beads SO much!

  3. Alina Hahn says:

    I hope to celebrate with my son – it seems like it takes me by surprise every year so I need to make sure I’m prepared this time. In the past my son was too young but he is getting older now and understands things better which is great!

    • says:

      I totally understand Alina. Now since having my son the years pass by faster (well it seems that way). I hope y’all enjoy Mardi Gras this year, it’s such a fun time of the year.

  4. Hope says:

    I really miss living in New Orleans during this time of year. Thank you for all the good ideas! I’ll be blasting my Mardi Gras/New Orleans music on that day & wearing some version of purple, green & gold.

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