Stokke® Steps Launch

Last week was the launch for the Stokke Steps highchair which is the All-in-One seating system from birth to youngster, of course it is fabulous! I love baby gear that will grow with your family. Unfortunately,  my little guy started with a cold and just needed his mommie  (nothing is  better than mommie cuddles when your sick), so I skipped out on the party and followed along via twitter and facebook as I cuddle my sweet pea.  My good friend Destiny of Suburban wife, City Life  had the chance to attend the Stokke Steps event and is sharing all the deets!

Earlier this week I trudged out in the cold and snow to attend a launch for Stokke Baby.

I arrived at Gary’s Loft and was taken aback by the wonderful setting Mom Trends designed for the star of the evening, StokkeSteps!

This all in one, bouncer, high-chair, and seat is beautifully designed to fit into your houses’ style and aesthetic but still be completely functional on multiple levels.  Starting from the second you bring home your new beautiful baby.

Look at this bouncer, the color is stunning and it’s got an infant support insert and it not only bounces, but the action is more of a glide so it’s very soothing for the baby.

What really sold me on the system was when they attached it to the chair and pulled it up to the table.  There were so many meals where the baby was on the floor or too far away to be a part of family dinner and this really gives you the chance to eat together.  A baby may not be able to eat but seeing how you gather together to enjoy a meal is the best way to start teaching what’s important, family.

I also love that when they are older it works perfect for their chair, giving them the height they need and you don’t have to worry about it looking like a highchair at the table.

While the price is high, this really does go from birth to 10 and I love the idea that it doesn’t stand out like an eyesore in the dining room or kitchen.

Way to go Stokke Baby you did it again with this awesome All-in-One chair #StokkeSteps

Note:  I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a gift bag for attending.


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      I know right! It would be nice to have one now just for the ability to boost this little guy up to the table. He is wanting to be a big boy so fast, climbing on the chair ready to eat. But… he is not quiet there yet for height. ha

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      Thanks Allison. I use to hear about recalls way after all the craze, and some mommas don’t always here the latest recall news so I thought that would be a great resource to stay up to date. Of course CPSC is the number one place to check ALL recalls.

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