lovely grey days

I love being a mom and I have many favorite things about it, but one is watching my son discover something for the first time. Today he discovered  sweetgum fruit! We have had extremely cold days here in NYC lately and my little buddy has been fighting a continuous cold for over a month now… so we have done our best by staying inside away from the cold. But a toddler NEEDS to run and get out that energy! Today was actually rather warm compared to our days of 8°. Yes, you read right 8°!!!! Despite the gloomy grey day we headed to the park to get out our cabin fever. Luckily the park was pretty empty and we were able to have it all to ourselves for a bit before the rain.

photo 2 (2)

photo 311111112

photo 311111

photo 11112

he is wearing Appaman Sammy Hat – Fire Brick

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