Mommie’s Timeout- Terrible Twos

Recently my preciously little boy has reached the dreaded terrible twos… I never really understood until now what this actually would actually mean. For those of you with children over the age of two I know you feel my pain and those who have children that have not reached this phase I have sympathy for what you will go through. Days of tantrums, dead weight tantrums, SCREAMING public tantrums, crying tantrums, and more tantrums. As a mother trying to keep her sanity and get  through the day, I result to shamelessly trying to bribe the kid with lollipops, ice cream, or candy canes just so we can get our grocery shopping done and back home. I know it’s probably not the best idea, but come on people how in the world do you get through this phase?! And please tell me this is just a phase. He is just shy of three months from turning the big TWO (I still can’t believe he is turning two ALREADY), as if that wasn’t hard on a momma! Now he’s become an unpredictable ticking tantrum machine all wrapped up in an adorable little toddler! Don’t get me wrong he still is such a sweet lovable baby boy who gives BIG slobbery kisses just because, who stops playing and runs up to me just to hug me, and my favorite is when he notices my red nail polish thinking it’s a “bo bo” that he must kiss! Moments like these make all the crazy tantrum days fade away. I love you my sweet pea!

But! In honor of my weekly time out I think it’s time to sit back and RELAX. So that is exactly what this Mommie did. A glass of Anna de Codorniu and a little at home mani with the ever so luscious Butter London polish (Come to Bed Red Nail Lacquer) 😉 This has to be one of my new favorite sparking white wines. Perfect for holiday gifts or just for celebrating mommie moments (like making it though a day of “terrible twos”) So… I think this is exactly what this mommie needed. Timeout is a win win! DSC030712

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