The New York Botanical Garden- Holiday Train Show®

Last week my little family and I took a trip to the Bronx and visited the oh so lovely New York Botanical Garden. Did you know The New York Botanical Garden is the LARGEST botanical garden the NYC metro area, and it is five times larger than the Brooklyn Botanical Garden? I have been dying to visit the New York Botanical Garden for sometime now, but never got around to it over the summer. I was really disappointed, until I heard of the Holiday Train Show®. It was a perfect time to visit. The snow covered the grounds of the 50-acre Garden. Picture perfect. Being from the south snow is rarely seen in the forecast. So when we walked the grounds of the garden I was blown away. It would be an understatement to say they views are gorgeous, they are absolutely breath taking. As cold as it was I kept finding myself stopping to take it all in. This is my little bugs first REAL winter so he was pretty EXCITED to see the soft fluffy snow!


This is the Gardens 22nd annual Holiday Train Show® and it is bigger than ever before. The exhibit contains over 140 iconic New York landmark replicas and structures made of plant parts such as nuts, bark, and leaves. I was in awe as we walked through looking at the detail. A variety of classic model trains, (NEW) Metro-North, the Long Island Railroad is seen throughout the conservatory.



Rockefeller Center


Penn Station


Yankee Stadium


The Metro-North train was added this year to the Exhibit

My little one could not get over the trains. He was following the trains as they ran across over 1,200 feet of track along waterfalls, through tunnels, across bridges. One of his favorite trains had to be the Thomas Train. He of course made a little friend who was also admiring and waiting for Thomas to pass by again and again. And again. Moments like these makes me see my baby is growing into a little boy.

multis multibg

The exhibit is absolutely phenomenal! This is a exhibit for all ages from adults to toddler. You will not want to miss this!

We took a walk to Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, which filled with outdoor mazes, REAL rock climbing and indoor activities that correspond to the conservatory exhibit. My little one did not take part in the hands on group activities as he is a little young, however, they did offer to let him participate if we wished. We opted for the hands on playroom that was filled with wooden toy trains, coloring area, and a cozy reading corner with books about trains. I really appreciated the indoor playspace especially on snowy cold days. This was a nice warm playspace perfect for all ages. Since, this was my little ones first time out in the snow and we were about to leave we thought we would let him play a bit. He was tickled and very curious as to what this (snow) was. At first he stood still looking up puzzled. Then he saw the gingerbread play house and took off. He had a blast, and we took in every moment.

PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage2 88 PicMonkey Collage3

This was such a fun family day we can not wait to visit the gardens again! There’s still time to visit the Holiday Train Show® running though January 12th.


UPCOMING EXHIBITION* All Aboard with Thomas & Friends™ starts January 1–26 located in the Ross Hall. Join Thomas and Driver Sam on a new fun-filled, sing-along, mini performance adventure by helping them decorate the station in time for the big Sodor surprise party before the guest of honor arrives! Bring your camera to have a photo-op with Thomas and capture the special day!

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