Easy Yellow Squash Tots & Cheese Egg Bites – Kidfresh

We have been a fan of Kidfresh products for about two years now. I came across their veggie mac and cheese, Wagon Wheels Mac+Cheese, which my son adored! My husband and I have a rule of thumb of always trying new foods first before letting our little one try it. We both knew Kidfresh was truly fresh and definitely has your little ones  tummy and nutrition in mind!

When I heard they were making a “healthier” Tater Tot- Totally Rockin’ Tots – Yukon Gold + Yellow Squash I was thrilled! 548X405_V3_01

So I took it to another level and added it to breakfast! Check out my recipe below.

It is a simple recipe and can be adapted to anyone’s liking. I used a standard 6 muffin pan, sprayed with non stick spray. I used 3 tots (thawed) per cup – which I flattened down. Then, I scrambled 5 eggs with cheese and filled almost to the top. Baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. This made 6 breakfast muffins. The fun thing about this recipe is you can make it your own- change it up by adding spinach, onions or even bacon!


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I am OK with NOT being a Pinterest perfect mom

After four years of life as a mom and 6 years married I have just come to terms that I am ok with not being a pinterest perfect mom.

When I became a mom, I had no idea of the judgement I was about to take on- by other moms. Shocker right?! Moms can be so quick to judge others. We do what we can and the point is we “do” for our kids. So what’s the point of making ourselves jump through hoops to put on this big show? Is it really for the kids or is it really to make us feel like a better mom than the other?

I am not a perfect parent. But I give all I can and fail sometimes and that  IS OK! I have to admit I tried my hardest to be this pinterest perfect mom. I try to do fun quirky valentines. Not because I want to be better than the other mom. I do this because it’s fun. I am not saying that by trying to create the cutest party is being a judgy mom or better than the other. I just think moms have this extra pressure to be pinterest perfect and we don’t need to…

I am ok with not being a pinterest perfect mom.

I wanted to create the perfect first birthday party. I spent hours searching pinterest for ideas and in the end it was perfect for us. Yes, my burlap bunting that I spent hours cutting and stenciling didn’t hang the way I wanted- the wind quickly snatched it down. But the party went on and the pictures show two parents glowing with excitement and a beautiful family of three.


For my son’s second birthday my cake was far from pinterest perfect. My bake-ware was  in storage and I used what we could find…  the cake literally was falling apart as I was icing it.  I was devastated. This cake was a DISASTER.  It was the night before his birthday, at least 1 am, my husband and I were in the kitchen laughing and me crying a little… at this mess.  But in the midst of it all my I remembered a beautiful cake I saw on pinterest. I am sure most of you have seen it pop up a time or two. The sprinkle cake. I grabbed all the sprinkles I could find and slapped them on and my husband ran down to the bodega to get more. We tried to salvage this awful cake with sprinkles. Sure it was colorful! The sprinkles covered the gaping hole on the side but goodness me how would this cake taste…. I cringed when I saw the kids take a bit. All I heard was CRUNCH. It was not a tasty cake. It made for a beautiful picture. But the cake was no good. Pinterest FAIL.

This year I tried again to have a pinterest perfect party. I had cute little names for the food and set up everything at home as if it was on the table at the venue. Just making sure EVERYTHING was pinterest perfect… I made adorable party favors…

IMG_1041 IMG_1012 IMG_1038

But when the day came around we could not get into the parking gate, I was setting up the room as our guest were arriving and half of the things I originally planned for I tossed back into my tote bags and the party began. It didn’t matter my adorable washi tape cups for the fish and chips were not out. No one missed out on the little details I didn’t put out… and neither did I. I turned around and saw my four year old with a smile ear to ear and enjoying his birthday party with friends and family. It was a perfect real mom birthday!






DSC04221 DSC04230



I think Star Wars has done an exceptionally good job of saturating the market with EVERYTHING Star Wars related- from my coffee creamer to our mac and cheese! When it came to finding our valentines cards he wanted star wars- I could not find star wars valentine’s cards anywhere. Maybe they were all sold out or I just didn’t look in the right place.

I quickly made these cards and taped a Chewy bar to it!

FullSizeRender (5)


Happy Valentines!

WINE IT OUT – Cepa 21

The holiday’s have come and gone and I have been screaming for a little mommie time. So today I am sitting back and sipping on what has to be one of my new favorite red wines. Emilo Moro has relaunched  Cepa 21 from the Modern collection Bodegas Cepa 21. This bottle of Hito 2014 right up my alley, a full body red wine with a long, lingering finish.

unnamed (2)

So put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine (or your favorite beverage)  and let’s WINE IT OUT!
Holiday’s a rough to say the least. I mean I am all for the magical Christmas spirit and fun for the kids. But really spending hours at a time in a toy store or searching for the best bargain for THE toy of the year and the guy in the big red suit gets ALL the credit. Boo to that! Or trying to move that damn elf everyday. Lawd… I know I used my go to response for “Mom Toosies didn’t move today” well… ummm maybe it’s because he is in shock by how bad you were yesterday. Of course this only works a few times. HA. So let’s be real. The holiday’s where beautiful and fun and probably my favorite thus far but I am EXCITED it is come and gone.
Now who is ready for Mardi Gras?!
Here is a mocktail for all my non winos and prego ladies-
-sparkling lemon water-fresh cranberries-mint

Playdate with Bright Starts

This past week we had the fun filled opportunity to host a play date for Bright Starts toys! As a mother of an only child, I jump at the chance of a playdate. A chance to have an adult conversation and the little ones play? Ummm…. Yes please! I rounded up a few of our favorite snacks and let the little ones explore the new toys! unnamed (58)

Learn & Giggle Fish

A fun bright and colorful fishy which has two play modes – one for learning and one for music. Your little ones can learn colors, shapes, hear numbers and letters. With this multi-mode easy to manage toy, little ones will stay entertained. The recommended age is 6mths- 3 years.

unnamed (54)

Learn and Giggle Activity Station

This was probably a favorite for one of the children at our play date. In fact he loved it so much he couldn’t part with it! The bright colors and interactive stations were super fun. They can sit or stand allowing the play space to be versatile- This amazing station will keep baby engaged with more than 65 sounds, melodies, lights and phrases! The recommended age is 6mths- 3 years.

unnamed (53)

Bright Starts Spin & Giggle Puppy

Oh this toy had everyone in the house entertained. I for one loved this toy! The bowl wobbles and spins balls around until they spill out, the kids loved running around trying to gather them all up and starting again! Great for learning colors- The recommended age is 6mths- 3 years.

unnamed (55)

It was a successful afternoon with snacks and new toys who could ask for a better day?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bright Starts. I did receive compensation in the form of products to facilitate this post. All opinions are honest and that of The Mommie Life- MommieDe


Bath Time- Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers!

Looking for stocking stuffers this year? I have rounded up a few of my most favorite stocking stuffers for you little ones this year!

unnamed (50)

I decided, I mean “SANTA” decided to gather up a few FUN bath toys for the stocking this year. 😉

After all bath time is much more fun with toys, right? So here is what the little elves have found.

Nuby Tub Tug, Throw in a squishy toy and wait for the laughter. Ages 6+ Months

Nuby Little Submarine Pull String Bath Toy- fun and interactive. Ages 6 Months +

Nuby Stackable Bath Boats- This can be used outside of the tub as well. Great for learning colors. Ages 9 Months +

Bath Bombs from Prague Market gives a tint to the water and smells amazing! Birthday Cake is a FAVORITE!

For a fragrance free bubble bath I LOVE BabyGanics.

Happy Holidays!

IMG_1050 (1)




DIY- Painted Coffee Mug

Today I have a super quick and easy DIY nail polish painted coffee mug!

Here is what you need:

  1. Coffee Mug
  2. Washi Tap or any painters tap
  3. Nail Polish – color of choice
  4. Nail Polish remover and q-tips


So first things first, make sure your mug is clean and dried. Then mark of your area or shape you wish to paint within. After your area is marked off place one layer at a time making sure it is dry between coast to avoid stickiness. Let mug dry overnight and there you go! Remember to hand wash before using. Do not use in dishwasher.


Happy Gifting!

Hurricane Prep with Buglet

When preparing for hurricane season I always get a feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s something that you prep for the worst and hope for the best. I remember as a child each season my mom began to gather supplies and items for our family in the event a strong would hit. She would always gather key supplies; grill, charcoal, water, can goods, batteries, flashlights, first aid kit and bug spray.

When the electricity goes out we would often find ourselves having to stay cool and keep the air circulating by opening the windows. But when you have hot humid temperatures and rain… the mosquitoes begin to swarm! Bug replant is a MUST have for your hurricane prep kit. When I began to look for bugs pray for our kit I came across Buglet. They are genius. No seriously. They took the idea of a novelty an necessity and merged the two. Buglet is a slap bracelet with natural, chemical free bug repellent meant to be dropped on the pumice tile. Ingredients are Lemongrass, Rosemary, Peppermint and Geranium.
This fun interchange bug replant band can be worn on the wrist or ankle by both kids and adults. 
Thankfully we have not had any hurricane so far this season but we have tried out our buglet and we don’t play outside in the evenings without it! So whether you are prepping your emergency kit or love the outdoors- pick up a buglet and stay mosquito free!
Check out these hurricane checklist below.
adultplan    childplan familyplan


Might Twenty- Where do our baby teeth go

We live in a technology driven world. From our iphones to our children’s tablets– sometimes it is hard to disconnect. I am guilty of letting my son watch one short show in bed here and there, but my husband and I like to read to him as often as we can. Spence has a vivid imagination and adores books and stories.  Most of the time if he asks for his tablet when we get in the bed (we are co-sleepers-yes… I know he is three) and if I offer a book he is content. He is especially excited when we have a new book to read.

This week our bed time routine started and finished with our new book by Mighty Twenty, Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go? This is a fun, bright and colorful book. It is filled with stories from around the world and super fun facts, like…

Did you know the first baby tooth to fall out is the first one that came?

My son may only be three and most likely not loosing his baby teeth any time soon, but it’s never to early to look outside of what we see as our norm and learn about others. This book is great way to learn about other cultures, their traditions and their personal tooth stories. One of my favorite tooth traditions may be Brazil- Sometimes they call on their favorite parrot to take their baby teeth to Saint John.

This book is a super fun easy read! I would recommend for ages 3 and up. This book is so much more than just tooth stories, it is educational. My toddlers attention was fully obtained with the colorful graphics. It even has a page to keep track of all the teeth your child looses and your their personal tooth story!

What tooth traditions does your family have?






I was not compensated for this post, however, I was given this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are completely my own.

Sh*t My Toddler Says

shit my toddler says As a teenager my mom always managed to embarrass me somehow- if it was on purpose or not I am unsure. I sometimes like to think she did it for kicks. Like the time she rolled down all the windows (and locked them) while blasting shaggy- singing and dancing. That moment sitting at the red light in front of my school was the longest 2 minutes of my life. Of course this was not the only embarrassing moment growing up…I can go on and on. But my point is I think it’s a way to pay us back for the embarrassing moments we put our own parents though. You know the typical shit kids say that make you beet red, quickly trying to think of a way to fix or rectify what just came out of their mouth. Like the time when our neighbor invited my mom, sister and I over for a playdate and when our neighbor was opening a can of raviolis my sister (4 years old) screams “ewe… What are you gonna feed us… Dog food” (in all fairness my mom rarely fed us anything from a can). I can assure you that was the last play date we ever had with those neighbors. Ha.

Well my little THREEnager has a list going…. Shit my toddler says. 
  •  pointing out the hole in my jeans and making sure EVERYONE in the store sees “I see your booty Mommie” – thanks son
  • that time we were grocery shopping at the international market and he proceeds to say very loudly “WHAT IS DAT SMELL- YUCK. I SAID WHAT IS DAT SMELL MOM” – thanks son
  • the time he proceeded to stand up at a restaurant and poop- mind you he made it very know what he was doing. “I finished now” -thanks son
  • or when we pick him up from nursery school and he loudly says “oh! you came back” and he says this EVERYTIME. Yes son I do come back. Lol I have never left. -We like to credit this to Daniel the Tiger episode.
  • or at the park when he asked me to slide down the toddler slide. I told him I can’t fit I am too big. He says “you eat too much food mom!” -thanks son
  • or when we were having a conversation about if he wanted to play t-ball and he says “sure! I play baseball and hit them” in which I tell him-“no son you hit the ball not the people.” He looks at me side eyed “why you hit their balls?” And the people’s heads turn -thanks son
  • that time he loudly tells me he has “another mommie” and says help me find my other Mommie in the middle of Target. Boy oh boy did I get the stank eye from a few ladies with the “poof” aka-older ladies. -thanks son
What embarrassing sh*t does your toddler say?